Crypto Crash 2022 Again? | Sam Bankman-Fried Transfers 15 Million ETH to Exchange

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ETH is expected to dump in a similar manner to that seen with BTC prior to Luna. Fifteen million worth of Ethereum has been initiated recently. This article covers who might be setting up for big acquisitions.

After the recent Luna debacle, the transactions of large organizations are being monitored to predict the next big move in the market. Just before the downfall of Terra, the LFG foundation transferred huge amounts of BTC to several addresses. A similar incident has been noticed. Almeda Research has transferred Ethereum worth 15 million to FTX. 

Almeda Research is a leading quantitative trading firm. Its daily trading volume accounts for almost $5 billion. It was founded by Sam Bankman-Fried. The organization recently tapped into DeFi loans to raise funding. 

Established in 2019, FTX is one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges and was also founded by Fried. Amidst the recent market crash, the crypto giant is gearing up to invest billions of dollars in acquisition.  

The recent transfer of ETH is making users anticipate a huge dump is on the way. Recently, the value of Ethereum is following a downward trend and the community is fearing another fiasco. 

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