FLUX Coin Price vs Other Web 3.0 Coins 2022

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Web 3.0 takes the Internet toAs a result of its decentralized nature, Web 3.0 has a strong bond with the crypto world, providing the possibility of running in a seamless, integrated, automated way with smart contracts.  Five projects that have built Web 3.0 structures are considered here.

Ever since the metaverse has engulfed the crypto world, Web 3.0 has gained prominence in the internet world. Also known as the decentralized web, the Web 3.0 can be considered as V3 of the internet, which is a step ahead of the current Web 2.0.

Web 2.0 allowed the Internet to move from your static desktop pages to make it more social driven thanks to the user generated content. Web 3.0, on the other hand, is the next step to make Internet smarter and more efficient through the power of artificial intelligence which will be interconnected in a decentralized manner.

In a way, the Web 3.0, due to its decentralized nature, form a strong bond with the crypto world, which will allow it to run in a seamless, integrated, automated manner with the help of smart contracts. In a more relatable system, NFTs which are purchased and transacted can be considered as a form of Web 3.0.

Today, a lot of crypto projects are already building on Web 3.0. Let’s look at the 5 Web 3.0 cryptocurrencies that investors can explore in 2022.

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  1. Helium (HNT)

Founded by by Amir Haleem, Shawn Fanning and Sean Carey, Helium is a decentralised blockchain-powered protocol, which aims to take advantage of the Internet of Things (IoT) devices. Using the low-energy wireless devises, it can communicate with other devises and transmit information with the help of nodes. Nodes come in the form of wireless gateway and today its one of the popular Web 3.0 crypto which is being used by companies such as Salesforce Lime, Digital Matter etc.

On Tuesday, Helium was trading at US$38.94 with a trading volume of US$35,078,948. At the time of drafting, it was down by 5.38% with a live market cap of US$ $4,105,697,502.

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  1. Basic Attention Token (BAT)

Basic Attention Token (BAT) crypto is another blockchain-based crypto, which is largely utilised by digital advertising firms. The main mission of the BAT crypto is to ensure user privacy and provide solutions to risks associated with online advertising. As the name suggests, one of the main focuses of the BAT crypto is reward the users for their attention. Besides, it also allows the advertisers to reap benefits and get proper return on investments on the ad spent.

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BAT token is considered as the next revolutionary form of advertising and has been utilised by many advertising firms to change the way advertising is done online. On Tuesday, BAT was trading at US$1.29 with a trading volume of US$292,240,397 over a day. At the time of drafting, it was down by 1.17% with a live market cap of US$1,932,628,860.

  1. Flux (FLUX)

Flux is the Web 3.0 generation ready scalable decentralized cloud infrastructure which aims to manage multiple applications on multiple servers. With more than 2300+ Flux nodes, the FLUX ecosystem provides blockchain-as-a-service solutions that is not only interoperable but also helps in AWS-like development environment. Through GPU minable proof-of-work consensus, Flux provides incentives for hardware hosters and staking requirements for running hardware. The project aims to build decentralized future by being independent and bringing innovation to the blockchain technology.

On Tuesday, FLUX was trading at US$3.08 with a trading volume of US$176,818,897. At the time of drafting, FLUX was up by 1.14% with a live market cap of US$687,496,075.

Top 5 Web 3.0 Cryptos to explore in 2022

  1. Polkadot (DOT)

Polkadot was designed to provide a foundation for a decentralized internet of blockchains. As an open source blockchain network, the DOT crypto aims to introduce a new era of scalability by connecting and securing a network of specialized blockchains and enabling parachains interoperability. Considered to the one of leading altcoins, the DOT crypto has been one of the top projects which is expected to do wonders in 2022.

On Tuesday, DOT was trading at US$29.92 with a trading volume of US$1,705,616,710. At the time of drafting, it was up by 3.97% with a live market cap of US$29,544,437,478.

  1. ZCash (ZEC)

One of leading privacy coins along with Monero, the ZEC crypto is a decentralized, peer-to-peer (P2P) token which brings anonymity and security. ZEC uses zk-SNARK zero-knowledge proof technology, which gives the authority to nodes to verify the transactions. One of the key features here is that while verifying the transaction, it doesn’t reveal sensitive information such as sender, receiver, wallet address etc. Its ability of anonymity males it different from other pseudonymous cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin etc.

On Tuesday, ZEC was trading at US $151.87 with a trading volume of US$238,082,859. At the time of drafting, it was up by 0.53% with a live market cap of US $2,042,406,214.

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