FluxLabs Hosting GameFi Miners of Kadenia | Enterprise-Level Cloud Service for Web3 Developers 2022

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Flux Ecosystem has FluxLabs as one of its components. It works with developers to help them easily develop and deploy their dApps on a decentralized, enterprise-level platform. Kadena is one more big name crypto to be working with them – rolling out their first GameFi protocol.

Within the last week, Proof-of-work (PoW) blockchain Kadena launched a $100 million grant program to encourage Web3 development on its platform, potentially opening the door to more use cases for the layer-1 protocol. 

The first Gamefi on Kadena was launched mid-April and it is running on decentralized Flux Nodes, which is part of the Flux Ecosystem.  

From the Miners of Kadenia’s website, themok.io, it says “Mine your way to riches in Kadenia’s ever expanding Metaverse.” It is powered by the $MOK Token, and is Kadena’s very first Mine to Earn GameFi protocol. Their NFTs will be coming soon.

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Flux has built a Web3 infrastructure that is decentralized – hosted by operators around the globe.  It has made it easy and very cost effective for developers to deploy on.  Kadena is just one more populate crypto to be running on Flux. It has enterprise-level cloud service that does not have the weaknesses of centralized cloud services.

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Sources: https://discord.com/channels/404415190835134464/941305075140280360/964146379096223805

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