Miners of Kadenia Will Reward FLUX Miners Supporting Kadena Infrastructure – Chainweb and Front-end Nodes Incentivized

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MoK has chosen FLUX to host their entire GameFi project and this will be Flux’s first of this kind of deployment on their Web3 infrastructure.  Both projects are committed to decentralization.  Flux and Kadena have been successfully running an incentive program for awhile and MoK recognized the value of it.  The article covers the details of these rewards as they currently are.  

Miners of Kadenia (MoK) are the very first GameFi projects to be building on the Kadena blockchain, with the focus on creating a gamified gateway to the Kadena ecosystem as a whole.Their goal is to bridge elements of DeFi and NFTs into one protocol to solve many of the problems currently existing in crypto — like high entry barriers and lack of real utility.

Like Flux, MoK has the ethos of decentralization by birth, so they saw the great value that our decentralized cloud infrastructure can provide for them. They took action and have recently announced their plan to be the first GameFi project to exclusively use the decentralized cloud infrastructure of Flux.

“There is not a single reason why you would not want to have your dApp running on Flux!” — Dor Tavdidishvili, CEO of Miners of Kadenia

Throughout our early conversations, they disclosed their sympathy for our current successful incentive program that we have been running with Kadena LLC. from early on. They saw the value of the extensive relationship between Flux and Kadena, the awareness that bore fruit from it, and decided to step foot in the program themselves.

Miners of Kadenia have reserved a total of 1% of their total supply to incentivize the node operators who support their infrastructure with computational resources!

The Kadena Node Structure focuses on incentivizing node operators that support the Chainweb infrastructure. MoK decided to follow a slightly different route to adapt to its current infrastructure needs. Besides rewarding the Chainweb infrastructure backbone only, they will moreover reward node operators who are supporting their front-end application.

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Forward-looking news for the “Cumulus” node operators! For the time being, they missed out on additional rewards due to not meeting the minimum required computational resources. Due to playing a major role in regard to the total computational resources available, it was fundamental for MoK to include them in their reward program moving forward.

After internal discussion, we decided to split the total distribution of MOK tokens between chainweb and front-end node operators by 80% to 20%. Further diversification is taking place in the chainweb distribution model itself which closely follows the current Kadena Node Structure.

Enough talk, for now, let’s get to some details!!!

Qualifying Applications

Kadena Application A*

– 5x 50 instances

– Single component application

– Kadena Chainweb Node

– latest tag of runonflux/kadena-chainweb-node

– 3 CPU cores, 5000 ram, 140GB SSD

Kadena Application B*

– 5x 50 instances

– Dual component application

– Kadena Chainweb Node

– latest tag of runonflux/kadena-chainweb-node

– 3 CPU cores, 6000 ram, 140GB SSD

– Kadena Chainweb Data

– latest tag of runonflux/kadena-chainweb-data

– 3.8 CPU cores, 8000 ram, 100GB SSD

*Kadena Application A and B are already live in production running on Flux!

Front-end Application

– 4x 50 instances

– Single component application

– Mok.io Front-end

– latest tag of TBD

-2 CPU cores, 4000 ram, 10GB SSD

Distribution Model

  1. Chainweb Infrastructure
  • Only Nimbus and Stratus nodes are eligible for a reward
  • Nodes must set their Kadena payout accounts, and chain
  • ALL Nimbus and Stratus nodes are getting basic MOK token rewards for participating in the network. Stratus gets 3 times the amount compared to the Nimbus node. The basic reward is to be 85% of the total chainweb infrastructure allocation itself
  • Nodes that got lucky and Kadena Application A is running on them correctly will get a little bonus of MOK tokens. This reward is equal to 5% of the distribution round
  • Nodes that got lucky and Kadena Application B is running on them correctly will get a little bonus of 2X. This reward is equal to 10% of the distribution round
  • Payouts will be made MONTHLY

2. Front-end Infrastructure

  • Cumulus, Nimbus, and Stratus nodes are eligible for a reward
  • Nodes must set their Kadena payout accounts, and chain (same)
  • Nodes that got lucky and the Front-end Application is running on them correctly are getting a MOK token reward. The reward is equal to 20% of the total distribution round
  • Payouts will be made MONTHLY

3. Monthly Allocation Example

  • The distribution round is 500 MOK tokens
  • A Total of 400 MOK is distributed to the Chainweb infrastructure
  • There are 1000 Nimbus and 1000 Stratus nodes on the network
  • A Total of 340 MOK is distributed for the basic reward between Nimbus (0.085 MOK each), and Stratus (0.255 MOK each )
  • A Total of 20 MOK is distributed to nodes running Kadena Application A (0.08 MOK per node)
  • A Total of 40 MOK is distributed amongst the nodes running Kadena Application B (0.16 MOK per node)
  • A Total of 100 MOK is distributed to the 200 nodes running the Front-end Application (​​0.5 MOK per node)

We reserve the right for slight adjustments of the system and changes to the distribution based upon possible new features or as requested by MOK.

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