Cross-chain Bridging, Identity Portability, Cloud Services, Play to Earn Gaming, Secure Web Hosting – All Part of Flux’s Decentralized Infrastructure

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Web3 – just an idea less than a decade ago. The concept was a way to conceptualize related technologies still in the process of development.  It emerged in 2021 as a system that had real potential. Flux emerged at the forefront.  What can these these technologies offer the real world?   The article covers the exciting use-cases and how it is easily accessible to so many.

In 2021, Web3 would emerge from the shadows and transition from only a catchphrase in the mouth of tech-savvy nerds into an ecosystem promising new and exciting possibilities. Flux sits on the cutting edge of this unique frontier, breaking new grounds by creating an environment that affords everyone the chance to participate in the Web3 world. More than just an enabling environment, however, Flux offers different use-cases that make it ideal for internet users, investors, developers, businesses, and enterprises.

Here, we’ll take a look at the different use-cases for Flux and how they can be utilized in solving Blockchain, Web3, or cloud infrastructure needs.

Decentralized apps:

Flux provides the optimal environment necessary for the deployment and maintenance of Dapps. Decentralized applications are essentially composed of smart contracts and a user interface. Utilizing the Blockchain-as-a-service (BAAS) solution that Flux provides, Developers, can efficiently run their applications on the Flux ecosystem, regardless of their native chain.

Flux operating system (FluxOS) is designed to be interoperable with different networks leaving the choice to developers as to either use Flux operating system or simply stick to their own chain. Currently, there are more than 70 decentralized applications running on Flux cutting across different industries. Flux computational network makes it possible to easily deploy hardened dockerized applications, this way, developers coming from the docker/Kubernetes background can get their application running in no time without having to learn a new language. The cost-effectiveness of Flux offers also makes it an ideal option for startups.

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Blockchain Identity Services:

Digital identity in the Web3 space continues to pose a challenging problem. Back in web2, you could sign into multiple websites with only your Google or Facebook details, thus, retaining your identity across different websites. While this was quite helpful, it was goodbye to users’ control over their data. (Yes, it’s your data but no, you don’t own it). While a blockchain-powered era offers more control over users’ data, there is still a need for data portability and the ability to maintain a consistent digital identity over different platforms if the true potential of Web3 in providing a customized internet experience will be realized.

Flux offers the infrastructure and the blockchain service platform for powering decentralized identifiers (DID). This is a pseudo-anonymous identifier secured by a private key, this feature not only allows you to retain your information across different applications but also to decide the kind of data you want to be shared and the platforms to have access to it.

Website Hosting:

Hosting a website can be likened to renting a space on the web to house your website. The resources of a website such as the images, codes, and other files have to be kept on a server. As long as this server is running, users all around the world can easily access your website through the URL.

In the Web2 era, to get your website live, all you had to do was simply look up different hosting services on Google, select the one you prefer and you’re in business. However, the working mechanism of web2 hosting had serious loopholes that made it highly susceptible to security issues, malicious attacks, and data thefts–in addition to the risks of fluctuating uptimes. Perhaps the biggest issue with web2-based hosting is again; centralization.

The server farms responsible for powering web2 websites are owned, managed, and controlled by third-party entities which means in the event of an attack, the site owner can do absolutely nothing. In addition, centralization means users are at the mercy of the hosting provider since the actual servers containing the website data are not independently owned.

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However, Flux offers a better alternative, Blockchain based web-hosting; with this solution, the website runs on decentralized nodes powered by blockchain technology. Since these nodes are totally redundant in nature, Flux provides maximum accessibility and uptime for web applications. Enhanced data security and transparency ensure developers can track your backend metrics and accurate decisions backed by data.

Cross-chain bridging:

One of the factors that play a key role in blockchain adoption is interoperability, the ability of different chains to interact and exchange information. However for this to happen there is the need for a bridging mechanism that can either be trust-based (provided by a centralized entity e.g Oracles) or trustless. Flux provides a decentralized and trustless mechanism that allows applications built on either the Flux network or other networks to securely transfer and exchange information. Parallel assets are also available to bridge the transactions across multiple chains.

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Infrastructural Services:

FLux offers a blockchain-based cloud solution that makes it a viable choice for businesses and enterprises built on the Web3 ideals. Flux provides an AWS-like computational environment and infrastructure (without the domineering limitation). Blockchain-as-a-service has over the years proven to be the decentralized alternative to platforms like Google Cloud, Azure, and the likes.

With more than 5,480.55 TB SSD of storage, 242.82 TB of RAM, and more than 11,000 active modes, Flux offers the perfect answer to handle backend data management without the risk of data loss or inaccessibility due to downtime. The redundant nature of FluxNodes guarantees that in case of failure of one server, other servers in the region immediately receive and continue to process requests of the orphaned node.

Node/ Validation services:

Validators are responsible for verifying transactions on a blockchain as well as performing other functions to keep the network secure. The Flux network can be used to track and monitor node validation operations in real time.

Gaming Platform Hosting:

Blockchain-based gaming took the world of online entertainment from pay to play to play to earn, allowing gamers to get rewarded for their time. Flux can provide this US$321 million industry with the needed tools it needs to exist on a fully decentralized network. Developers can explore the ecosystem potential to develop tokenomics for their unique game platforms. Zelcore wallet, for example, can be used to store items purchased in the games as tokens. There are currently over 20 games hosted on the Flux network.

As the Web3 landscape evolves and broadens in scope, Flux will continue to play a pivotal role in ensuring that the internet remains safe and accessible and that users no longer have to be shackled by corporate third parties organizations. It’s the dawn of the new Day, It’s Flux for Web3.

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